December 22, 2016- Last Lesson of 2016

1.0 hour

I had my last lesson of 2016 for a total of 23 flight hours in 2016.  The most memorable thing about this lesson is that when taxiing to take off on runway 9, we saw two deer run out of the woods to the left of the runway, through the ditch, and across the road.

In this lesson we did slow flight, steep turns, power off and power on stalls, simulated engine out, turns around a point, S turns across a road, a rectangular pattern, an aborted landing and 2 landings.  There are a few things I need to work on.  I stayed on heading well during slow flight, but need to maintain a steady speed.  I need to maintain altitude better in steep turns and not pitch the nose up or down.  On my landings I was consistently a bit high because I didn’t level off on the downwind.

I need to review the steps in an engine out and aborted landing so if I need them, I will be efficient.