Lesson Recap #14: September 14

1.0, 7 takeoffs and landings

One thing I feel like I’m doing better at is talking on the radio. I don’t know why, it’s not like the world ends if you get it wrong, but at first talking on the radio was nerve-wracking. Today I felt like I sounded less like a newb.


One thing I did on my preflight today was I almost skipped a step! I noticed it, corrected it, and then rechecked the checklist to make sure I didn’t miss anything else. (I hadn’t.) I used to put a post it on my checklist and slide it down to the section I was using, but I lost my post-it. I think I need to think of a better solution because I always have to relocate the section I need on the checklist after I do something, and it slows me down.


I did 7 takeoffs today. They were, for the most, good, except for 2 of them. On one, I used too much right rudder. I did this because I was thinking about how I often use too little right rudder on takeoff. Because of torque airplanes try to yaw to the left, you counteract this by using the right rudder. Well, I overdid it causing me to yaw to the right, thus looking like a drunk pilot on take-off. On another one of them I relaxed back pressure too soon so the tires kind of skimmed the ground. That felt pretty weird. Again, this was caused by me overcorrecting something, that is, the slightly too high angle of attack I had on part of my takeoffs the previous lesson. Ironically, my first take off was good, the second was “near perfect” (to quote Mr. King) and then I had some good takeoffs followed by these two frustrating ones.

I felt more confident today. I was scanning the instruments better on takeoff which is important because you want to notice engine problems on the ground with room to stop, and I timed things pretty well without being told what to do. Basically the “I’m-about-take-off-in-airplane-I-hope-I-don’t-screw-it-up” feeling was gone, replaced by an orderly progression of doing the right things (more or less without being told).


I did okay with this, although I’m still having the problem of climbing on the downwind leg part of the time. I need to maintain altitude more precisely as I crept up to 1500 or 1550 rather than 1450. I controlled my speed in the pattern well today.



My landings were alright and a few even good. Mr. King said he would take credit for two of them.One of my landings was a simulated emergency landing. I need to review the steps so I feel more confident.



Starting this blog!

Reviewing takeoffs and landings

Reviewing emergency checklists

Reviewing the math <sigh>

Studying and understanding the Pre-solo test info