Lesson #13 Recap: Sept 10

1.0, 6 Takeoffs and Landings

We did 6 take offs and landings and remained in the pattern for my whole lesson today. My main issues were allowing the nose to pitch up too much just after leaving the runway on takeoff and climbing as I turned downwind in the pattern. It’s important not to let the nose pitch up because you don’t want to reach too high an angle of attack and stall, especially that close to the ground. I corrected that after my first two takeoffs though. The climbing while turning downwind is something I’m working on. I think that particular issue has to do with practice and muscle memory, because I *know* I don’t want to climb on that turn, now I just need to get the coordination down. My first approach for landing was too high, but after that, they were better.

Ground school wise I learned where to find some diagrams I need to be aware of and how to use them in the Pilot’s Operating Handbook for the 172N. It’s important to know how to do the math for maneuvering speeds at different weights, and how to determine takeoff and landing distances. When I have practiced this some and have a thorough grasp I will explain it here. I’m not very fond of or good at math so this is more challenging for me.

What I’m working on this week:

Understanding the math using the diagrams in the POH

Reviewing steps in Takeoffs and Landings

Studying and understanding the Pre-solo test info